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My Hero Academia: Shocking!! The latest M.H.A Manga reveals a Major “Traitor”

With the newest chapter in the manga series of My Hero Academia, we see the creators are setting the stage for a major double agent fallout.

In the recent chapters of Kohei Horikoshi’s original manga series, the ‘Heroes‘ and the ‘Villains‘ are preparing for the War. The newest chapter of the series is most likely the last chapter before the Final Battle between the Heroes and the Villains, it seems like there is going to be a major jaw-dropper.

M.H.A Villians

My Hero Academia drawing towards the finale:

Following the revelation of a traitor among the students of class 1-A, Aoyama who had been feeding all the information from U.A to All For One the entire time, it was found that the antagonist had even more spies lurking amongst all of the refugees hiding in the school.

Chapter 342 of the series gives fans a look at the evacuee’s area. The moles of All For One who were hidden among everyone were given the orders to make U.A. inhospitable for Izuku Midoriya by igniting people’s fear from the past. They were reluctant to pull off the plan before the Villain made his final move. This came as a shock to the Heroes, moreover, when Izuku and the other young heroes voluntarily leave the school on their own they play right into All For One’s final plot.

My Hero Academia Heroes
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The series of events lead to a situation of chaos and turmoil which serves as a disadvantage for the Heroes. U.A could end up costing the lives of more innocent people than any other previous major clashes seen in the series. Uneasiness and fear will continue to build among the people as the war breaks out all around them.

The chapter comes with a major uproar in the M.H.A fandom. The fans are now anticipating an epic finale to the series.

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