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My Hero Academia: Chapter 343 of the Manga Unveils “All For One’s” true intentions

My Hero Academia

The latest chapter of Horikoshi Kohei’s “My Hero Academia” is our and The UA Traitor makes major revelations.

In the latest Chapter 343 of My Hero AcademiaLet You Down,”, the UA traitor Aoyama Yuga finally reveals All For One’s true intentions and his future plans for the world. Finally, the fans have an answer to the most-awaited question “What is All For One’s true goal?”

The ongoing My Hero Academia Manga is heading towards the final confrontation between the ‘Heroes‘ and The ‘Villians‘. Aoyama’s classmates were still in denial about his betrayal and were unable to accept the ‘Bond’ they shared with him to be a hoax. In his confession, Aoyama moves on to prove them wrong, clarifying the problematic string of circumstances that landed him in All For One’s snare.

All For One (My Hero Academia Anime)
All For One (My Hero Academia Anime)

His friends, the students of class 1-A and authority present including their homeroom teacher Eraserhead sympathised with his story and reluctance to work for All For One as his spy.
Aoyama still had to be held in the custody due to his relationship with All For One, and his fragile state of mind. However, after a talk with Eraserhead, Aoyama regained his confidence and decided to fight.

He was released as a part of an intricate plot by All Might and the police to catch All For One. They speculated that their only hope of victory was to separate All For One from Shigaraki and Aoyama. The plan was for Aoyama to offer ‘Deku‘ and ‘One for all‘ to the villain ‘All For One‘ in order to ambush him. In the time it took ‘All For One’ to arrive at their location, Aoyama told Deku about his former master’s dreadful intentions.


Japan never recouped to normalcy from the devastation of the Paranormal Liberation War. In addition to all the destruction, All For One led a prison outbreak and ended up releasing several more dangerous villains.

The released villains included All For One’s and League of Villains‘ former allies and random scoundrels, who pledged to create mayhem in the already destabilized society.

The Instability couldn’t be confined to Japan as All For One’s contact network spread the news of the uprising in Japan, faster than wildfire. Aiming the gradual doom of several weaker nations, who would be forced to go into a state of emergency similar to the one in Japan. All For One was waiting for this phenomenon to reach on a global scale.
When enough nations were down, he was to finally make his move. The falling of nations meant the downfall of everything including life-saving resources and basic amenities such as electricity, water, and shelter.

My Hero Academia Manga Chapter 343
My Hero Academia Manga Chapter 343

Once the world is covered in chaos, All For One intended to portray himself as the saviour of these nations. The numerous Quirks he acquired over the years could enable him to provide these essentials to the mass quite easily, but All For One would set up a basic rule.
He would only help the countries that agreed to surrender to his supremacy. Japan, a Pro-Hero Citadel, was only a few steps away from relinquishing to him

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