“Absolutely Unacceptable”: Aaron Donald CHOKES DJ Humphries during Rams vs Cardinals playoff game

The first-ever playoff game was held at SoFi Stadium on Monday Night January 17th where the Rams faced the Cardinals in a fairly one-sided match ending with the Rams emerging victorious 34-11.

The Aaron Donald Incident:

The Rams had dominated the game in the first two-quarters of the games, with the second quarter ending at 21-0. The ongoing match and the probable outcome seemed to be taking a toll on the players, but something really unexpected happened. After a long completion by Kyler Murray, Rams Defensive tackle Aaron Donald got into a tussle with Cardinals Lineman D.J Humphries.

aaron donald
Aaron Donald

Aaron Donald was seen trying to choke D.J after the heated interaction. Aaron was penalized for unsportsmanlike behaviour but it wasn’t the first time he was seen going for such an act of violence. The veteran defensive tackle was penalized back in November for trying to choke Packers lineman Lucas Patrick. Clearly, Donald needs to take a hold of his anger or it may end up getting him kicked out of the roster for hurting someone anytime soon.

Previously Aaron was fined $10,300 for attempting to choke Lucas Patrick. The NFL rulebook clearly states “no unsportsmanlike conduct” on the field of play. The Rams are going to face Tom Brady and the Superbowl Champions Buccaneers in the divisional round this coming Sunday.

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