“Abibas to Fony”: Top 10 knock off products of renowned brands that’ll leave you in splits

Horn Pub

Have you ever bought a pair of shoes or electronics from a really sketchy shop in the deviant part of town, where the prices are too good to be true? Check again, it can be an “Abibas” or a “FONY

In the modern world, there are numerous renowned brands who have established their businesses and names to an extent where we recognize them just with their logos, but people have found multiple creative ways and loopholes to avoid copyright infringement from these giants.

Here are a few hilarious knock-offs of a few renowned brands, that will blow your minds:


The Executives at PUMA are still in a coma trying to figure out, how to take COMA to the court with an effective lawsuit. No offence to COMA enthusiasts.

2. Baking Bread (Breaking Bad Series)

The Russian based Baking Bread took to a very creative method to attract customers, and it sure seems lively. We just hope they bake bread and don’t have a side hustle like the Breaking Bad Protagonist Heisenberg.

3. The North Fake ( The North Face)

A Reddit user found this in Vietnam and it looks exactly the same as the premium The North Face products. At least the makers of the product aren’t lying about the imitation.

4. FONY (SONY) just a little phoney!

When you have no access to SONY, and you want to keep playing the game and get a FONY instead. The buttons rearranged as F, O, N, Y is another level of creativity.

5. The Song Of Rice & Fire (George R.R Martin’s The Song Of Ice & Fire)

Remember the popular series Game of Thrones? If yes then you definitely know about the book the series was based on “The Song Of Ice & Fire”. This Chinese outlet seems to have created the perfect spin-off and it sounds delicious.

6. Aids (Adidas)

Oh no! Seems like the makers went a little too far with the design, they seemed a little short on schedule. A few words omitted and now you have “Aids” shoes. We feel sorry for Adidas

7. Adomino Pizza and Pizza Hot (Domino’s Pizza & Pizza Hut)

Pizza Hut and Domino’s Pizza are well-known rivals in the food industry, but these rip-offs of the original outlets have taken the rivalry to another level. Adomino and Pizza Hot, operate beside each other and we are curious about which one attracts more customers.

8. THAT (IT Movie)

That was worth watching,” said, a Japanese man to another. The Japanese movie based on the popular horror movie IT has the perfect cover photo and plot.

9. The King Of The Magic Rings ( Supposedly a crossover of The Lord Of The Rings and Star Wars)

A Mage? a Jedi? or a Stormtrooper? What does the Action Figure really represent? The maker wanted a perfect blend of sci-fi and magic, presenting to us The King Of The Magic Rings.

10. HornPub (P*rn Hub)

The owner really went all out, with the name of the pub, the logo and the tagline. A subtle flip of words and you have your brand name. We are wondering about the kinds of drinks they serve at the place

Bonus Feature : Kat Kot (Kit Kat)

Kat Kot doesn’t seem to be apologetic about straight-up copy-pasting the tagline from Kit Kat, while the whole packaging is identical.

Next time you are having your Kit Kat break, be sure to check the brand name twice. These brands while funny, tend to attract a lot of customers and sometimes even lawsuits.

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