“Your Opinion”, as the title suggests, our aim is to churn out the fan’s opinion on the recent events. We are a fact based website with a tinch of opinion added to our write-ups. Right from Sports to Business & Entertainment, our focus is to be in the present and write on what is currently making the news.

To begin with, we will keep our focus on Sports & entertainment, and once we gain pace, we will expand our horizons even further.

The point of difference is that we will cater to a broader audience as we pick up, right from Djokovic’s VISA cancellation saga to Megan Fox getting engaged and her love life.

We want to focus on what’s trending so that we can trend alongside.
We will mainly cater to the American & European audience. You can imagine us as a American “
MASALA TABLOID“. Our language won’t be the most sophisticated, our content will be a little opinionated, but all of it will be based on general public opinion & reaction.