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Attack On Titan: Eren Jaegar is Officially The Most Controversial Anime Protagonist.

Eren Jaegar

The latest episode of Attack On Titan Eren Jaegar getting a hold of the power of the Founding Titan, with Ymir’s power still inside him as they were given to him by Grisha Jaegar, his father.

Eren declared that he is going to use the power of the Rumbling to eliminate all of Eldia’s enemies. The gradual change in Eren from a sacrificial hero to a genocidal beast is the first of its kind in the history of anime and people are confused about Eren’s role as a protagonist.

Attack On Titan The Rumbling

Attack On Titan: Eren Jaegar’s Evolution

Initially, Attack On Titans Eren Jaegar started with a storyline where Eren’s mother is killed by the hands of a Titan when the wall fell for the first time. Eren then swore to kill every Titan in an order to avenge his mother. In a fight for life and death with a titan, Eren discovered the power of the Titan that rested within him.

Attack On Titan: Eren's Titan Transformation
Attack On Titan: Eren’s Titan Transformation

Jaeger moves on to help his friends and the scouts with his newly acquired powers, uncovering new information about their life within and beyond the wall in the process. The fans were left perplexed when Eren chooses a destructive path and his actions contradict his initial declaration of defeating all the titans. Eren has been playing the role of mastermind and putting the pieces into place outside of his friends’ notice, causing serious problems for all the parties involved in the never-ending war.

Attack On Titan: The Scouts
Attack On Titan: The Scouts

Now that Eren has decided to wipe out the entire population of the world outside of Paradise, Does that mean he is right? Does the series still revolve around Eren? That’s something which is up to the fans to decide. The Attack Of Titan season finale was among the most anticipated releases of 2022 and is still creating a huge uproar among the fandom.

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