BCCI vs KOHLI! Will Virat Kohli be captain in his 100th Test?


As per the reports BCCI offered Virat Kohli a farewell match as captain in his 100th test match, but it seems like he is stoned at his decision.

Last picture as test captain
Last picture as test captain

Well, recently we have been hearing a lot of rumours about the Indian team and BCCI, especially when Virat Kohli gave up his T20 captaincy.

The former was then uninformed and sacked from the limited over captaincy too.

There was a difference in statements from BCCI president Sourav Ganguly and captain (then) Virat Kohli. Which created a major controversy all over.

Here is the official statement from the former captain

Gautam Gambhir used stern words for Kohli , said captaincy isn’t anyone’s birthright and Kohli should focus on his roles as it doesn’t change for the team. Gambhir previously called Kohli “immature” during DRS controversy.

Recently, the reports suggest that Kohli was offered a farewell match which he declined. We don’t know the reason yet but last few months Virat has been clearing doubts on his rift between any Indian cricket team member and himself.

He last scored a century in 2019 and since then we are waiting for his 71st century.

Kohli declining such an offer only makes the doubts stronger.

When MS Dhoni gave up his captaincy there was the same kind of environment that he beautifully tackled.

For now, we hope everything is alright in the team and after all we all love Virat Kohli and wish to see him doing great on the other side of his career.

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Written by Backbencher21