2022 Olympics: Schedule for 8th February, Beijing Winter Olympics.

The Currently going on Winter Olympics in Beijing commenced on 4th February and preliminaries from 2nd of February. The Winter Olympics 2022 is set to feature 109 events and 15 disciplines from 7 sports.

Winter Olympics New Sports
Winter Olympics New Sports

Winter Olympics 2022 – February 8 Schedule

(Timings are as per Chinese Standard Time (CST))

February 8

Alpine Skiing:

  • Men Super G Timing: 11:00


  • Men’s 20km individual Timing: 16:30

Cross Country Skiing:

  • Women’s Sprint Free Qualification Timing: 16:00
  • Men’s Sprint Free Qualification Timing: 16:50
  • Women’s Sprint Free Quarterfinals Timing: 18:30
  • Men’s Sprint Free Quarterfinals Timing: 18:55
  • Women’s Sprint Free Semifinals Timing: 19:25
  • Men’s Sprint Free Semifinals Timings:19:35
  • Women’s Sprint Free Finals Timing:19:47
  • Men’s Sprint Free Semifinals Timings: 20:00


  • Mixed Doubles Bronze Medal Game Timing: 14:05
  • Mixed Doubles Gold Medal Game Timing: 20:05

Figure Skating:

  • Men’s Skating – Short Program Timing: 9:15

Freestyle Skiing:

  • Women’s Freeski Big Air Final 1 Timing: 10:00
  • Women’s Freeski Big Air Final 2 Timing: 10:20
  • Women’s Freeski Big Air Final 3 Timing: 10:45

Ice Hockey:

Women’s Preliminary Round Group A

  • USA vs Canada Timing: 12:10

Women’s Preliminary Round Group B

  • Japan vs Czech Republic Timing: 16:40

Women’s Preliminary Round Group B

  • Sweden vs Denmark Timing: 21:10

Women’s Preliminary Round Group A

  • Finland vs ROC Timing: 21:10


  • Doubles Training Run 5 Timing: 9:30
  • Doubles Training Run 6 Timing: 10:50
  • Women’s Singles Run 3 Timing: 19:50
  • Women’s Singles Run 4 Timing: 21:35

Nordic Combined:

  • Gundersen Normal Hill/10km Official Training 3 Timing: 15:30


  • Women’s Official Training Heat 1 Timing: 12:40
  • Men’s Official Training Heat 1 Timing: 15:20


  • Women’s Parallel Giant Slalom Qualification Run Timing: 10:40
  • Men’s Parallel Giant Slalom Qualification Run Timing: 11:07
  • Women’s Parallel Giant Slalom Elimination Run Timing: 11:34
  • Men’s Parallel Giant Slalom Elimination Run Timing: 12:01
  • Women’s Parallel Giant Slalom 1/8 Finals Timing: 14:38
  • Men’s Parallel Giant Slalom 1/8 Finals Timing: 14:40
  • Women’s Parallel Giant Slalom Quarterfinals Timing: 15:06
  • Men’s Parallel Giant Slalom Quarterfinals Timing: 15:15
  • Women’s Parallel Giant Slalom Semifinals Timing: 15:24
  • Men’s Parallel Giant Slalom Semifinals Timing: 15:30
  • Women’s Parallel Giant Slalom Finals Timing: 15:36
  • Men’s Parallel Giant Slalom Final Timing: 15:43

Speed Skating:

  • Men’s 1500m Timing: 18:30

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