“Came Back From A Collapsed Lung”: CJ McCollum returns & guides Trail Blazers to an emphatic win

The Monday night game between Orlando Magic and Portland Trailblazers turned out to be a nail-biting thriller, resulting in the Trailblazers defeating The Orlandos with 98-88 points on the table after the buzzer.

CJ McCollum played a major role in steering the team towards victory with 16 points assisted by Jusuf Nurkic, who scored 21 points and his season’s best 22 rebounds.

CJ McCollum’s Injury and Comeback!

The game was a significant one for CJ as it was his first official match on the court since his injury on December 4th which resulted in his lungs collapsing. He took 7 out of 13 shots and 2 out of 4, 3 pointers in the first 28 minutes of the game. It was a wholesome moment for the fans and a clearly motivational approach for the Veteran.

CJ McCollum's injury
CJ McCollum’s Injury

He said I felt good because I had worked on my game, I worked extremely hard over the last two weeks to recondition, build my body back and getting up shots. And I think you can tell.

Even though the long break from the court was a very anxious period for him CJ McCollum was present for the birth of his child during his time away. The head coach talked about his eagerness for returning to the court and how he stayed in touch with his fellow teammates through calling and texting even though he couldn’t be physically present.

CJ McCollum’s Assist of the Monday night game

It’s not just good to have him back on the floor; it’s good to have him back around the locker room and around the guys because he’s one of our leaders and he gives us life, Chauncy Billups said

Looking Forward! CJ McCollum

The Blazers played a really good game with Jusuf and McLemore contributing numbers to the scoreboard, overall the team didn’t falter and achieved a meritocratic victory with CJ McCollum becoming the talk of the town with a triumphant comeback. The fans and NBA enthusiasts look forward to more such thrillers and positive sportsmanship.

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