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The young prodigy Carlos Alcaraz Garfia is set to face the all time champion Rafael Nadal in Caja Magic this week

Carlos Alcaraz Garfia and Rafael Nadal, two Spaniards, are set to face off in a thrilling quarterfinal on Thursday. It’s the same day as Carlos’ 19th birthday. Rafael Nadal defeated Alcaraz in Madrid a year ago.

Following a first-round bye, the defending Miami Masters champion will begin his campaign at the Madrid Masters on Tuesday. Alcaraz made his top ATP debut last week after winning his third championship of the year in Barcelona.

Well, my birthday is on Thursday. I have a match on Tuesday. Hopefully I will be able to play on my birthday. I wish for that. It’s a special day, where last year I was able to play against Rafa, and this year I wish I will be able to play the match on my birthday on Thursday. Hopefully, I will be able to win this year,” Alcaraz said.

Carlos Alcaraz vs Rafael Nadal
Carlos Alcaraz Garfia

With smashing wins and titles in Rio De Janerio, Miami, and Barcelona, Carlos Alcaraz stands 23-3 for the year, but the Madrid Masters is going to be a tough competition for the young prodigy as he is set to face Rafael Nadal who lost only one match this year

“Yeah, yeah, I have checked the draw, but, you know, it’s a Masters 1000. Here each match is very complicated. Possibly in the first round, it can be a final of an ATP. You have to look at it match by match, and I wish that I will be able to face Rafa a year later,” the young tennis star said.

After being sidelined due to a rib injury, World Champion Rafael Nadal is set to make a return in the Madrid Masters. Although Rafael Nadal defeated Carlos mercilessly last year, Alcaraz has returned with more experience and stronger determination to take down the reigning champion.

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