“NFL’s treatment of Blacks is appalling”: Chris Bosh lashes out at NFL for discriminatory & RACIST behaviour

Chris Bosh's Instagram Post
Chris Bosh's Instagram Post

Chris Bosh, a former American Pro Basketball player recently lashed out at the NFL for its indifferent and unjust behaviour towards ‘Black People’. He said that he is really pissed at the league and he is done watching football unless there is a change in the NFL norms.

Chris Bosh’s last NBA game was in 2016 as a member of the Miami Heats and due to health complications was forced to retire early but got elected for the Hall of Fame. Chris accused the NFL owners via his newsletter “The Last Chip” expressing his annoyance over the lack of Black “Head” coaches in the NFL.

Chris Bosh’s Words:

I’ve watched the discrimination behind that disparity play out in real-time. I’m happy anytime anyone gets a job, but it sure seems like the white guys are having an easier time becoming head coaches and general managers nowadays, while Black coaches are held to an entirely different standard.

The 37-year-old also said that the firing of two black coaches Brian Flores and David Culley was absolutely unjust and if they were ‘white’ they still would have their jobs. Bosh said “Plain and simple. Until they fix this, I cannot keep spending my weekends supporting the league.”

Bosh reveals how he wants his children to see and understand the importance of equality, they need to know that the next great strategic mind can not necessarily be White. Bosh even said that such behaviour by the NFL is openly threatening the homology of the athletes, as there are more than one in two black players in the ball game.

Chris Bosh in Miami Heats Jersey

I’ve always loved football for a hundred different reasons—not least of which is the way it highlights perseverance. I love to see athletes give their minds, bodies, and souls on any field. But I can’t support a league where bias is as deeply ingrained as hard work—so deeply that no one seems to care.

This has not been the first time Chris stepped forward to speak for the masses and moved ahead with a cause of equality among all. We hope Chris’s voice doesn’t go unheard and bring about some real and evident changes for the betterment of society.

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