Classroom of The Elite Season 2 Announced after almost a 5 Year Hiatus

Classroom of The Elite

Class Room Of The Elite made a sensation for being among the Most Popular Animes aired in 2017. The thrilling plot and the very ‘Peculiar’ protagonist ” Kiyotaka Ayanokōji” caught the viewers’ eyes and the anime was a hit.

The last episode of Class Room of The Elite aired on 27th September 2017 and it has been on a Hiatus since. There was not a single Official announcement for the Season 2 of the anime until February 21, when the official Twitter of the anime confirmed Classroom of The Elite Season 2 being in the works.

Classroom of The Elite Season 1 Overview

The Japanese government has established the Tokyo Metropolitan Advanced Nurturing School in the far future, with the goal of teaching and nurturing the generation of individuals who would sustain the country in the future. In order to properly simulate actual life, the students are given a lot of freedom and are faced with different scenarios.

 The story revolves around Kiyotaka Ayanokōji, a quiet and ingenious boy who on the first appearance seems rather ordinary and not very sociable and is placed in the ‘D’ Section which was supposedly the class of misfits.

The story then continues to reveal Kiyotaka’s intelligence and how he is involved in every major event in the school. He is surrounded by a number of other students, leading to a battle among the sections to reach the top of the class.

Classroom of The Elite Season 2

Season 2 of the Anime can take about a year as there has been no official announcement of the release date. Studio Lerche the animators of the previous season haven’t announced anything regarding the release while there is a ray of hope for the anime to appear soon, there is still a little uncertainty on ‘When’.

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