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Cybersecurity, Latest Tech Updates, Your Opinion

According to 71 % of security executives, they don’t have full or complete access to their remote employees’ home networks

As a result of the development of a hybrid work style, cybersecurity issues have grown, and technology companies are ready to address them. Experts believe that the hybrid working style has led to a larger acceptance of digital activities, as well as a greater need to safeguard the data generated.

Let’s take a look at what the research has to say

Cybersecurity, Latest Tech Updates, Your Opinion

According to a recent Forrester survey, 80% of Indian businesses intend to implement a hybrid work style in the next 12 to 24 months. However, 71% of security executives said their firms don’t have a solid or thorough understanding of their remote employees’ home networks, posing major security threats.

By combining multiple clouds, devices, networks, and endpoints, Huzefa Motiwala, head of Systems
Engineering for India
and SAARC at Palo Alto Networks, claims that hybrid work has increased the digital attack surface. “If a company switches between them while still connected to the corporate network, it is vulnerable to attack..

Too many of these can make putting together a cybersecurity strategy difficult, while lax remote access
regulations and implicit trust on numerous devices make it easier for bad actors to get access and organize a breach.”

Is it something on which someone has actually worked?

Cisco’s Zero Trust platform, according to the networking giant, provides a solution for securing all access to an organization’s apps and infrastructure. Zero Trust is a security approach based on rigorous access rules and the assumption that no one can be trusted by default.

Unlike traditional security, Zero Trust’s safety isn’t solely concerned with your location. You may ensure that only the appropriate people and devices have access to specific data at specific times in this way,” says IBM.

Cybersecurity, Latest Tech Updates, Your Opinion

According to the Dell Technologies Global Data Protection Index research, numerous firms are unable to manage mission-critical data since they are now dealing with ten times the amount of data they were five years ago.

Dell Technologies India employees are kept up to date on global data security requirements on a regular basis. Ripu Bajwa expressed his thoughts.

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