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FA Cup semi-final draw 2022: Time, date, teams; here’s all you need to know

The FA Cup

The Quarterfinals of the FA Cup is set to end March 19-20, and the most anticipated Semi-Final Draw is here.

The semi-final draw will take place on Sunday, March 20th, right before the final quarter-final between Nottingham Forest and Liverpool. The semifinal draw will be televised live, and it will be conducted by former Liverpool striker Robbie Fowler.

The Semi-Finals will be held in Wembley Stadium in London as per the convention for years.

The Fixture and timings for the FA Cup Semi-Final Draw

The FA Cup semi-final draw will take place at 1:30 p.m. ET on Sunday, March 20th, a half-hour before the Nottingham Forest vs. Liverpool quarterfinal kickoff.

The event will also be streamed live on the FA Cup’s official Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube accounts.

The draw is not seeded, and because Wembley is a neutral stadium, home and away teams will be assigned solely for administrative grounds (for matters like bench and jersey assignments).

Each quarter-final has been assigned a number ahead of the draw, according to an official message from the English Football Association. Instead of a team name, a number is chosen for FA Cup draws:

  • 1 Crystal Palace VS Everton Winner
  • 2  Nottingham Forest VS Liverpool Winner
  • 3 Chelsea
  • 4 Southampton VS Manchester City Winner

Teams Playing the FA Cup Semi-Finals

The Teams competing in Wembley will be the ones who dominate the Quarter-Finals. On Sunday, Liverpool, the Premier League’s second-placed squad, will host second-tier Nottingham Forest. Forest have won the FA Cup twice before, and after defeating recent FA Cup winners Leicester and Arsenal, a third time is not very far from the reach. All three matches of the quarter-finals will take place on Sunday.

FA Cup Semi-Finals

As the quarter-finals wrap up by 20th Sunday, and the semi-final draw is concluded, the first match of the semi-finals will commence on 16th April while the 2nd semi-final takes place the next day Sunday.

The Semi-finals won’t resort to a replay if the teams are tied by the end of full time. If the score is levelled by the end of the time, an extra 30 minutes of extra time will conclude the winner. The Final is expected to be played by mid-May, conventionally.

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