“BREAKING”: The US Strengthens their troops in Europe, amidst Ukraine Border tensions.

US President Joe Biden has ordered to send extra troops to Europe amidst the Ukraine/Russia tension. About 2000 troops are being sent from Fort Bragg, North Carolina to Poland and Germany while 1000 already stationed in Germany will move to Romania.

This comes after Russia deployed about 100,000 troops within the reach of the Ukraine Borders. Even though Russia denies any such claim of a possible invasion, it calls the US deployment “Destructive”.

US President Joe Biden
US President Joe Biden

The Russia/Ukraine conflict

The tensions rise again, 8 years after Russia appended Ukraine’s southern Crimea peninsula and backed a rebellion in the eastern Donbas region. Russia has always been against Ukraine joining any European institutions, NATO in particular due to its deep social and cultural ties with Ukraine.

Russia continues to deny any invasion threat but if the West continues its “aggressive approach”, Russian President Vladimir Putin calls for “retaliatory measures”. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenski alongside UK PM Boris Johnson in a conference has said that there is a “high risk” for anyone who tries to occupy their territory.

The US troops will not fight in Ukraine but are there to assure the defence of US allies. The deployment is an addition to the 8500 troops The Pentagon put on alert last month. “It’s important that we send a strong signal to Mr Putin and, frankly, to the world that Nato matters to the United States and it matters to our allies,” Pentagon spokesman John Kirby told reporters.

Boris Johnson and Vladimir Putin discussed Ukraine on a phone call
Boris Johnson and Vladimir Putin discussed Ukraine on a phone call

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson discussed Ukraine with President Vladimir Putin on phone. As per reports, Boris Johnson told Mr Putin about how all European democracies have a right to aspire to Nato Membership, while Russia presses against Ukraine joining the alliance. President Putin discussed Ukraine sabotaging the “Minsk Agreement” while he also accused The US of creating a situation of unrest and drawing both Russia and Ukraine to a War in order to impose more sanctions on Russia.

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