F1 Breaking: Ferrari UNVEILS its new 2022 car the F1-75

2022 Ferrari F1-75
2022 Ferrari F1-75

Ferrari today launched their new challenger F1-75 with the new livery for the year 2022. The new car is now bathed in a little darker shade of the iconic Racing Red flaunted the sponsors which the team will carry this season.

With just a few days away from winter testing Ferrari becomes the seventh team to launch their car before their testing begins.

Colour comparison with last years car
Colour comparison with last years car

Ferrari: The Prancing Horse

For the new season, both Carlos Sainz and Charles Leclerc have high hopes. With mediocre drivers championship standings and worst constructors performance in the last 40 years, Ferrari is surely looking forward to this season to redeem its name.

Scuderia Ferrari: Carlos Sainz (left), team principal Mattia Binotto (middle) and Charles Leclerc (right)
Scuderia Ferrari: Carlos Sainz (left), team principal Mattia Binotto (middle) and Charles Leclerc (right)

“This is an important day for us as we launch our car, the Ferrari F1-75. I must admit that personally, I’m excited about it, as this car is a product of the effort, dedication and passion of each one of us. It’s down to the work of a group of people who have invested everything in this car, working with courage, creativity and team spirit,” said Team Principal Mattia Binotto.

“We have a good team of people here who have gone from strength to strength, investing all their skills in this project and I am proud of them. We have tackled the challenges of this project with an innovative approach, because, apart from the requirements of the completely new technical regulations, we believe that we had to take on this exercise with an open mind.”

“Yes, I’m more than ready for this season,” said Sainz. “2021 was a great year for me because I managed to learn how the team works on the inside, to adapt to a new environment, but also mainly to learn about the Ferrari brand and how everything works from here and it was a great experience for me. Now it’s time to take the team to a different level, take it to a different step, and as drivers and the team together we want more things and more success in 2022 – so let’s go and get it.”

“I really, really like it. I think I’ll love it even more if it’s fast on the track but I absolutely love the look,” added Leclerc. “I think it fits perfectly. It’s a bit of a darker red. It looks a bit more aggressive but for a car like this, I think it fits perfectly.”

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