George Russel discusses “Long term future” with the Mercedes

George Russel

George Russel is a name who took the motorsport world by storm. The 23-year-old recently paired up with the Mercedes for the upcoming 2022 season. With one podium finish this year with the Williams Team, the youngster is one to look out for.

Mercedes have had a knack for finding in young talented racers be it, Lewis Hamilton or Nico Rosberg. Following this safe yet successful pattern, the Silver Arrows has pulled one such stunt again.

Russel has turned many heads by his 3-year performance at Williams. He joined Williams back in 2019 as a rookie and since has been a talk of the town. The talented youngster once even stood for Mercedes when Lewis Hamilton tested covid positive at the 2020 Sakhir Grand Prix. Russel surprised Toto Wolff with a 2nd place qualification with the Mercedes car. The wait was finally over for the British when he reserved a seat at Mercedes replacing Valterri Bottas for the 2022 season.

Toto Wolff reacts to George Russel clinching P2 in Mercedes’ qualifying debut at 2020 Sakhir Grand Prix

The Future Of Mercedes

With all the uncertainty brewing around the retirement of Lewis Hamilton, Russel brings in a future for Mercedes. A future which they are looking for. A dominant Silver Arrows who have single-handedly dominated the Formula One.

Mercedes f1 car
Mercedes’s Instagram Post

Russel who still craves for maiden pole position will be looking forward to a dominant 2022 season with the Mercedes and with this Toto Wolff has got another champion to make. With the faster Mercedes car Russel will be a force to reckon with.

Russel who is looking forward to working with Wolff has talked about the German’s dominance in the sport. Under Wolff’s guidance, the team has won eight consecutive Constructors’ Championship. Russel talked about the upcoming season in his interview to Motor Sport Magazine Podcast.

What I admire so much from Mercedes and Toto is how loyal they are to their own. Valtteri [Bottas] has been such a key figure and key driver for them to help them achieve all of these World Championships along the way. There’s a lot of people [who] can say some negative things, or [say things about him] being off the pace of Lewis Hamilton. But he’s been an incredibly important part to all of that success, and they want to reward that loyalty.

George Russel

Russel who will be replacing Valtteri Bottas knows he has a lot to prove. He expects the team to give him chance to prove himself as they gave Bottas.

And maybe if he went through one or two bad races throughout last year, they’re not just going to get the axe out and say: ‘Thank you very much and see you later’. That’s not how they do things. They give people the full opportunity, and the full chance. I’m a 23-year-old, from their side, there’s no need to rush. We’ve got the whole future ahead. I guess that loyalty brings faith to me as a driver, equally to the 2000 employees that Mercedes have between Brackley and Brixworth.

George Russel

He, later on, spoke about the trust which he has in the team and what he will be expecting from the team.

If I work hard and I perform the goods, they are going to reward me with that loyalty, and I don’t have to have any concerns about my job or my future, you probably go ahead and perform even better. So I guess that’s what I really admire from those guys, and they certainly do things quite different to other teams down the grid, so I’ve got to be very grateful and thankful to have Toto as [my] boss.

George Russel

Russel has got a thrilling and exciting season ahead, with all the expectations Will the Young Gun survive the Heat? or Will he crumble apart? The 2022 season will surely be a thriller with Four World Champion drivers in the grid and the youngsters who have got the world to conquer. Are you ready for the 2022 season?

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