“Congrats on going to prison Floyd”: Logan Paul to drag Mayweather to court over a payment dispute

Logan Paul claims Floyd Mayweather owed him millions of dollars after their fight in June 2021.

Paul recently told TMZ that he’s going to court against Mayweather for not paying him the money he’s due and expects Floyd to go to prison.

No, he has not paid me in full, that is a fact as he is short by a few million,” Logan told TMZ.

It has been 11 months since the Youtuber turned fighter faced Mayweather in the ring, but the situation hasn’t changed at all, Logan is still adamant about his payment and claims the next time they meet could be in court.

When asked if he’s tried to work things out with Floyd’s team, Logan makes it obvious that it’s too late.

Nah,” Paul added. “We’re taking this one to court.”

“See you in the courtroom. Congrats on going to prison, Floyd.”

In their exhibition fight, Paul went eight rounds with Mayweather. Despite throwing less than 100 punches than ‘The Maverick,’ former five-weight world champion Mayweather out-landed Paul despite throwing less than 100 blows., Floyd Mayweather claims to have made $100 million with his exhibition with Logan Paul. The fight was a big hit on pay-per-view, selling over one million buys.

Logan Paul has been openly talking about the payment dispute with Floyd Mayweather for a long time now

Paul also expressed his dissatisfaction on Instagram last year, “Pay me my money you f****** cornball of a human,” he wrote on his story, tagging Floyd in the process.

While in another interview with DAZN in March Logan said

It’s unfortunate because it’s Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather, Surely I was going to get my check fairly quickly, right? I’m sure it’ll come eventually, right? Then I realized ‘Ok, I’m being strung along

Logan Paul(left), Floyd Mayweather(right), boxing, your opinion
Logan Paul(left), Floyd Mayweather(right)

This is a classic ‘Hey, buddy, you’re the new guy in this industry, we’re gonna puppeteer you, however, we want with your money so hop on for the ride and shut up’,” Logan added

“But, instead of shutting up, I make fun of him on social media and let everyone know that he doesn’t have any money

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