Will Microsoft’s Activision Acquisition affect the “Call Of Duty” and other popular Franchise?

Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare

The gaming industry has gone through a major power flip, as Microsoft is set to acquire Activision for a whopping $68.7 Billion. The deal is said to be the most expensive acquisition in the history of the tech industry.

Activision Blizzard Logo
Activision Blizzard Logo

Since the announcement of the acquisition, there have been questions arising regarding the dismissal of popular Activision games like Call of Duty, Overwatch and several others from the Sony Playstation. The Call of Duty Franchise is one of the most popular hits on both the PlayStation and Xbox. Gamers, Netizens and tech enthusiasts have raised questions about the future of the franchise on the Sony platform after the acquisition.

The Microsoft Gaming CEO Phil Spencer has clarified the doubts. He says “Had good calls this week with leaders at Sony,”

Microsoft Gaming CEO Phil Spencer’s Tweet

There isn’t a total confirmation about the deal not turning the games into Xbox Exclusives. Phil seems to be leaving the contracts untouched and just like Minecraft’s availability on multiple platforms years after the acquisition of Mojang, Call of Duty will be on the table for the PlayStation.

Sony shared a statement on The Wall Street Journal which seem to be complying with Spencer’s statements “We expect that Microsoft will abide by contractual agreements and continue to ensure Activision games are multiplatform,”

Sony PlayStation

Even though the acquisition is not supposed to be a done deal before June 2023, the users can rest assured about the games being still available on the Sony Platforms in the coming future.

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