“Putin Removed Guilelessly!”: Russian President’s wax statue removed from the Grévin Museum in Paris

Grévin Museum in Paris has removed Russian President Vladimir Putin’s Wax statue condemning Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The statue was attacked multiple times over the week due to people’s rage towards the brutal invasion and the human suffering.

Putin’s waxwork by Grévin was put up in the year 2000. Museum Director Yves Delhommeau expressed his contempt for the current scenario and said

“Current events mean we don’t want him here and the staff don’t want to walk past him every day, We have never represented dictators like Hitler in the Grévin Museum, we don’t want to represent Putin today,”

When asked about the possible replacement of the statue, Director Delhommeau said “Maybe president Zelenskyy will take his place…he has become a hero for having resisted and for not fleeing his country. He could perfectly well take his place among the great men of history and today.”

Given the current events, the museum is not going to melt the statue. It is going to be kept in a warehouse safe, but there are slim chances for returning the statue back to the museum any time soon

The World’s take on Russia

The war that broke out between Russia and Ukraine has shaken the world and globally people and countries are moving forward with their efforts to defy the invasion. Multiple countries have imposed numerous sanctions against Russia to isolate it from the world and suffer an economic drawback so that it slows down or halts the ongoing War.

Now that the revulsions from the sanctions are visible, President Putin took to national TV to respond and said “As you can see, not only do Western countries take unfriendly measures against our country in the economic dimension – I mean the illegal sanctions that everyone knows about very well – but also the top officials of leading NATO countries allow themselves to make aggressive statements with regards to our country.

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