“Ugly scenes in Germany”: England football fans arrested for alcohol-fuelled anti-social behavior amidst Nations League match

Nations League Match, England Football fans arrested for causing ruckus

Seven England Football fans were arrested in Munich ahead of the Nations League match against Germany for ‘Nazi salutes and anti-German slogans.’

The arrests happened just 24 hours before England’s Nations League match against Germany. A handful of people were arrested for repeatedly chanting anti-German slogans and singing songs about World War II.

According to reports, the arrests were made in connection with alleged public order violations such as assaulting German police and punching a police officer. Two fans were also detained for making Nazi salutes in Munich’s city center, and another was detained after a pyrotechnic was discovered in a hotel room.

Nations League Match, England Football fans arrested for causing ruckus

The unrest was described by UK police as mostly alcohol-fueled anti-social behavior rather than widespread violence, however, riot police pushed groups of England supporters out of Munich’s city center in an organized march.

Around midnight, riot police arrived with an organized march to take big groups of England fans out of Munich’s city center and towards the train station. However, an extended disaster has been avoided so far.

Before England’s encounter at the Allianz Arena, German authorities pulled in 700 police officers to construct a ring of steel security presence.

Nations League Match, England Football fans arrested for causing ruckus
Allianz Arena

England fans have been given around 3500 tickets for the match at Bayern Munich’s Allianz Arena, although it is believed that over 4000 fans are presently in Munich for the match.

Some of those traveling fans may have purchased seats in the home area, but the German FA has canceled a number of those tickets, according to the UK’s head of football policing.

Gareth Southgate was questioned on Monday about how he expects fans to behave ahead of the Nations League match against Germany, to which he replied:

Nations League Match, England Football fans arrested for causing ruckus
Gareth Southgate

We hope everything passes off well, it’s a brilliant game for the fans to come to, in an amazing stadium. These are the sort of games as a supporter you want to watch and memories you want to be part of so we hope everybody embraces it in that way.

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