“He has no SYMPATHY or EMPATHY”: Netizens brutally troll Boris Johnson after he insulted an MP

Boris Johnson in House of Commons.

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson found himself in a yet new controversy when his video of mocking Ian Blackford, a Scottish National Party( SNP) MP from Ross, during Prime Minister’s Question( PMQs) went viral.

Amidst the Partygate Scandal, which landed Boris Johnson and his party into trouble, Ian Blackford was seen lashing out at Johnson in the House of Commons during the PMQs. Recently it was revealed that in May 2020, when Covid-19 pandemic was at its peak and there was a strict lockdown, Borish Johnson attended a Bring Your Own Booze(BYOB) party held on the lawns of 10 Dawning street.

Boris Johnson and Ian Blaclford
Boris Johnson and Ian Blaclford

In his speech, Ian Blackford talked about the petty excuses given by the Prime Minister for attending the party. He criticised Johnson for flouting Covid rules that he himself made. Blackfored reminded Johnson of the devastation brought upon by the pandemic. During Blackford’s speech, Jonson kept watching at his watch and mocked the MP for his comments. ToThe SNP Westminster leader retaliated saying:

“A Prime Minister laughing once again, laughing at the British public!”

After this incident, the demand for his resignation intensified among the public. Various twitter users trolled Johnson for his lack of empathy.

The scandal and Johnson’s response to it had put the Conservative party in a tight spot. Many of his party members have also opposed Johnson’s action. Some members of the Johnson’s party, a party which managed to get a huge victory just 2 years back with Jonson as the face of the party, are also opposing Johnson’s actions. A senior member of the Conservative party, David Davis said:

“You have sat too long here for any good you have been doing. In the name of God, go,”

Amidst the calls for his resignation, Boris Johnson replied that he will not resign and they should wait for evidence before putting accusations.

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Written by Ankit Jha

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