“Expect CHAOS”: Here’s why new F1 regulations will result in a PROBLEMATIC start to the season

Season 2022 spring starts at Barcelona where teams will start their winter testing. With the new regulations, the race to build the best car is on.

Carlos Sainz Jr the Ferrari drive gave us a bit of insight into what the car feels like. He spoke about how the change in regulations had changed the feel and handling of the car. He terms the change “Quite different”.

F1 Star Carlos Sainz Jr
F1 Star Carlos Sainz Jr

“I think there starts to be a tendency in the paddock, and the drivers, that we are all going in the direction of: ‘wow, this is quite different and quite far from where we are, and from how the car feels now.”

Carlos sainz jr

With the new car, there are some new regulations too. Teams will have to build the new spec car in that budget cap we expect a lot of competition. With more aggressive cars and more competitive teams, the new season sure will be chaotic.

According to the Sporting Director of FIA Ross Brawn, the start of the new season will be problematic. He spoke to New York Times about the new season.

“There may be a bit of performance disparity when we start because everyone is going to come up with different solutions, the designers and engineers were relieved as they explored the opportunities and I suspect the cars will probably look a bit different.”

Ross brawn

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