PUBG Mobile: Tencent announces an exciting collaboration with Warframe, Here’s what we know so far!

PUBG and Warframe
PUBG and Warframe

The new update could feature Warframes like Nezha, Oberon, Nova, Nidus and many more in the forms of skins and upgradables.

PUBG mobile announced a collaboration with the popular action-role-play-multiplayer game Warframe through their official Twitter on 9th March 2022. The game mode and collab is set to feature in Update 2.0 while the Latest Anniversary Update 1.9 is set to release on 18th March 2022.

PUBG Update 2.0

While there is not much detail on how the collaboration is going to change and affect the gameplay, the 2.0 update is anticipated to be the best collab since the League of Legends collaboration.

The game mode can be a lot similar to the Mirror World event and bring a new essence to the widely played Battle Royale. The key features could be weapon and character skin packs gained through events and crates.

Gamers, Time to stack up your UC, You wouldn’t want to miss out on the one time collectables coming in the update.

Warframe overview

Warframe, Pubg

Warframe was released in 2013 on multiple platforms like the Xbox, PlayStation and PC. The game has a massive fandom with multiple updates over the years and still going.

In Warframe, players control the Tenno, an ancient warrior race that has awoken from millennia of suspended animation far into the future to find themselves at odds with various factions in the planetary system. To fulfil assignments, the Tenno use their supercharged Warframes, as well as a range of weapons and skills.

The game features multiple missions, a planetary map and an open world to grinds and receive Mods, Weapon parts and Warframe parts. You can even trade with other players for parts and the game currency “Platinum“.

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