NFL-2022, Buccaneers Vs Eagles or Tom Brady VS Derek Barnett? Watch The “Nasty” Showdown between the QB and the Defender

The Buccaneers VS Eagles game on Sunday unfolded with the Eagles being annihilated with the final score of 31-15. The game was dextrously one-sided in the favour of the TB Buccaneers, whereas the Eagles failed to score anything at all in the first three quarters.

The Incident: Buccaneers VS Eagles

The smashing gameplay by Tom Brady at the age of 44 never fails to amuse the fans as he seems to be getting better and better with passing years. The Sunday Live game was a very heated one, as the completely overwhelming performance by the Bucs left the Eagles with no openings to try and capture the game back. The extraordinary Quarterback made 29 completions from 37 pass attempts, making 271 passing yards and 2 touchdowns with no interceptions.

As the game started to tilt in the favour of the Bucs, the frustration and desperation by the eagles was visible in their gameplay which ultimately led to a tussle between Tom Brady and Defender Derek Barnett.

In the fourth quarter, Derek was seen pushing Brady twice, even though he didn’t possess the ball. This act of desperation obviously angered the Veteran which led to a heated interaction and exchange of words before they were stopped by their fellow teammates.

The fans were looking forward to the game since the announcement as both the Eagles and the Buccaneers are evenly matched and have a high possibility for the ultimate SUPERBOWL clash.

However, the game unfolded with the Eagles tasting a very submissive defeat, disappointing a number of fans and Football enthusiasts. Whereas the buccaneers steered themselves a block closer towards the SUPERBOWL

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