Novak Djokovic, Roger Federer, or Rafael Nadal: Who will win 21st Grand Slam title first?

Rafael Nadal

It is indeed a privilege to live in the era when not one, but three immaculate tennis players are active in the circuit. Roger Federer is undoubtedly one of the finest players of all time, and one of nicest as well.

Touted as the wealthiest tennis player of all time, Federer is a gentleman of the game. However, the man has been pushed down by injuries in recent times. Federer last won a Grand Slam back in 2018 when he took home the Australian Open trophy, since then, he hasn’t achieved much success.

Has Djokovic’s deportation made things easier for Nadal?

On the other hand, left-handed Rafael Nadal has also been simply magnificent through the years. He has also won 20 Grand Slams and he even he has suffered quite a few injuries lately. In fact, he had to withdraw from the latter part of the 2021 season due to injuries.

Then comes the 3rd man who has 20 Grand Slam titles, Novak Djokovic. Without a doubt, Djokovic was expected to reach 21 Grand Slam titles wins before Nadal and Federer, however, the Australian Open debacle has made it impossible for him to have a go at it.

With Federer out due to knee injury and Djokovic deported back home due to vaccine controversy, the only man who is active in the 2022 Australian Open who has won the title before is Rafael Nadal.

Although Nadal hasn’t been in the best of forms lately due to injuries, he is someone who thrash everyone in his path even when he not at his 100%. Moreover, in absence of the two big names, Nadal now seems likeliest to win the 21st Grand Slam title before any other man.

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