NO!! Amber Heard is not the Inspiration for the New Snapchat ‘Crying’ filter

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The popular photo-sharing app Snapchat released a hilarious ‘crying’ filter, and the netizens have come up with ludicrous theories/rumors

The Tik-Tok-inspired ‘crying’ filter by Snapchat is the internet’s new uproar. Snapchat is famous for its exciting Augmented Reality(AR) filters and the crying filter is beyond hilarious, it turns the user’s faces into a crying whimpering mess. If you use the app regularly, you probably have tried the filter by now(I know it’s just too real).

People are hooked on the new filter and come up with creative ways to utilize it. While it may be a smash, it’s also sparked a new rumor/joke, specifically that the Snapchat heads must’ve used Amber’s tears on the stand last week as inspiration.

Despite the wild conjecture, a Snap official told TMZ that there’s simply no truth to the rumor that the lens was inspired by Amber Heard, and that it doesn’t add up logistically.

Netizens on the new crying filter

The official also revealed that the new filter has been under development for 6 months, i.e Amber Heard didn’t present her expressions in any way for the development of the filter. Snap even told TMZ that they would never demure a DV case.

The fact Snap dropped a filter that does the exact opposite not too long ago (big smiley face), so naturally — sad face would follow.

The new filter is razing so much since it dropped last week, that it had nearly 1.3 billion impressions on the Snapchat app, with many stars and people from the NFL and NBA circles having uploaded videos with the AR filter on.

All of this comes in reference to the DV case of Amber Heard and Johnny Depp which has been making the news for quite some time now.

Amber Heard, Johnny Depp, Snapchat crying filter
Amber Heard was seen crying in the trial against Johnny Depp

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