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Snap releases an AR selfie drone "Pixy"

Snap‘, The company best known for its popular photo-sharing app “Snapchat” has now released a flying camera to assist people with selfies without a selfie stick.

The Snapchat-themed drone ‘Pixy‘ is described as a “free-flying buddy” by the company to make it easier for the users to take creative well-placed selfies and share them on Snapchat.

Currently, the gadget is only available in France and USA, taking the drone laws of countries into account. Pixy is a self-flying drone that records videos while it flies and sends them to the Snapchat app on the phone wirelessly, which is then saved or shared on the app.

The $299.00 selfie drone doesn’t have a controller, instead, the user can tap a button and select one of the four pre-programmed flight paths. The device floats, orbits, or follows the user a few feet above them, capturing images and videos before landing in their palm.

Snapchat may not be as popular as other Social Media giants like Facebook and Twitter, but it has almost 300 million active users and 75 percent of the user base is between 13-34 years of age in more than 20 countries.

Snapchat selfie drone ‘Pixy’, a step toward Augmented Reality

From Virtual reality, Immersive gaming to the Metaverse the world is steadily taking a leap toward the future and Pixy could be one of the gadgets to create a sensation among people.

Since the concept of ‘selfies’ came into existence, people have tried and invented various methods and trends to show off their creativity, including startups coming up with handy gadgets like the selfie stick to make it easier and versatile for people to take selfies. ‘Pixy’ could revolutionize it completely.

Snapchat releases selfie drone Pixy
‘Pixy’ – The selfie drone by Snapchat

Managing director of Nationwide Drones, Owen Jenkins, told the BBC, “Drone use is already mainstream across media, cinematography, surveying, and inspection.

It can only be expected that personal drones will become commonplace in society.

If it’s small, light, and slow, it’s very unlikely to cause damage or injury. I can’t see why they won’t be the next smartphone boom.

Availability of Pixy, price, and more

Pixy will be available for $299.99 in the United States and France until supplies last, according to Snap. The flying camera, on the other hand, is offered for $229.99 on the web page dedicated to its purchasing. Those who want it with a dual battery charger and two batteries must purchase the Pixy Flight Pack, which costs $249.99. It’s worth noting that the twin battery charger is $49.99 on its own, while a single battery is $19.99.

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