There is a rift in this Indian Team, “Shocking claims from Rawalpindi Express”

“Controversy” should be the second name of Shoaib Akhtar, this time he targets the Indian Team.

shoaib akhtar

Akhtar never misses a chance to be in trending controversial statements. He has stated in his ‘Youtube’ video that he sees a rift in the Indian team.

India losing 3-0 to such a South African side is to some extent “unbelievable“. India is a strong side and what disunity we saw in Indian fielding, greatly reflects the “rift” within the team.

Indian team


He stated that ‘Virat Kohli’ didn’t give up his test captaincy on will, but was down to situations propelling in the dressing room.

After a middle-order collapse, the openers fall under greater pressure. The world cup is within months and if the Indian team is to be set back then they have to resolve the issues. The team management should look forward to the issues and resolve them.

He even said that due to confidentiality he cannot open up things and reasons for the rift, but he seems sure to have one.

Recently, he gave an open warning to Indian team in the coming world T20 game against Pakistan. He told Pakistan will once again beat India like they did in 2021.

Well, Rohit Sharma has a greater task lying ahead of him as the captain. We wish him good luck and hope the Indian team is in the front seat.

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