UEFA Champions League: RB Leipzig fails to score against Real Madrid, losing by 0-2.

Real Madrid defeated RB Leipzig In their UEFA Champions League encounter on Wednesday. By scoring two outstanding goals in the second half, Federico Valverde and Marco Asensio seized the lead over Leipzig by 2-0.

The UEFA Champions League matchup in Estadio Santiago Bernabéu witnessed another victory by the undefeated Real Madrid against RB Leipzig. The odds were obviously against the bulls in the Wednesday game because of their challenging start to the season.

Despite a sluggish start from both sides, Leipzig made the opening opportunity in the first half with a ball from Timo Werner to Christopher Nkuku, which Caravajal and Courtois combined to block. Real Madrid seemed to be striking back when Luka Modric attempted a shot in the 40th minute of the game but failed to score, concluding the first half without either team scoring.

UEFA Champions League, Real Madrid VS RB Leipzig

The second half also started off rather dry, until the 70th minute when both the teams were desperate to grab the lead. Madrid kept on pushing for a successful goal attempt till they had one in the last 10 minutes of the game. Federico Valverde scored a wonderful second-half goal beating the defenders with brilliant footwork making it the first goal of the game.

Madrid now leading 1-0, received a free kick in the 1st minute of the overtime and they made sure to utilize it to confirm their victory in the Champions League matchup. Marco Asensio scored the second goal for Madrid making the score 2-0. The Bulls couldn’t possibly make a comeback at that point of the game.

Ancelotti’s squad managed to lead Group F with 6 points while Leipzig bottoms the list with 0 points on the table.

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