“Utterly Disrespectful”: Alain Prost is BITTER after news of his exit got leaked before the agreed announcement

Alain Prost (left) and Marcin Budkowski (right)

Alain Prost the Former World Champion and Alpine F1 Team advisor has accused Alpine of disrespect after the news of his exit broke out. The news was a shock to the veteran as he had agreed with the team to break the news officially with the Alpine F1 team.

Prost joined Alpine when it was known as Renault Team back in 2017 as the F1 Advisor to the team. In July 2019 he took up a non-executive director role for the Renault Team.

Prost through an Instagram post showed his disappointment. He posted how it was “disrespectful” for the Alpine team to leak his news of exit. He even went on further to say that it showed “no respect” and the leak proved he was “right” to reject the extended offer made by Alpine Team.

Rise of the new Alpine

The Aftermath of Alan Prost’s Exit

Alain Prost’s exit is followed by Executive Director Marcin Budkowski. Budkowski recently stepped down from the post and parted ways with the Alpine team. The move surely suggests the big structural transformation which the CEO Laurent Rossi is eyeing.

Budkowski’s exit is linked to Aston Martin’s vacant position after Otmar Szafnauer confirms his exit from Aston Martin. Reports even suggest that Szafnauer will be joining Alpine with their key sponsor BWT.

“I truly enjoyed being part of the leadership team of Renault and then Alpine F1 team, working with such a talented and dedicated group of people.

I will be watching the team’s progress fondly in the seasons to come.”

Marcin Budkowski

The Alpine CEO even said some kind words for the ex-Director.

“I would like to thank Marcin Budkowski for his commitment and contribution to the team’s results over the last four years.

The team is fully focused on getting the car ready for the first race in Bahrain and delivering a step beyond in performance.”

Laurent Rossi

As we get closer to the new Season starter we are in for much news to follow about all the management shakeups. With the new era to start teams are looking forward to being more aggressive and more daring. We sure can say that the new season will be faster, more aggressive, and more ruthless. What is your opinion?

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