VIRAL Upside-Down House: Columbian House attracts visitors amid Pandemic

Upside-Down house
Upside-Down House, Columbia

Twitter went berserk when the Columbian Upside-Down house went viral. The house which is in the Guatavita region of Columbia is attracting tourists and visitors from the nearby areas.

The designer of the house got inspiration from a house he saw at his native place in Austria. The unique design has been attracting tourists as it’s not so far from the capital Bogota and they seem to enjoy their visit.

Fritz Schall the designer got inspired by a house that he saw back in 2015 when he visited Austria his native place.

Columbian Upside-Down House

“Everyone looked at me like I was mad, they didn’t believe what I was saying,” Schall was quoted as saying by Reuters. “I said ‘I’m going to make an upside-down house,’ and they told me, ‘Ok sir, sure, go for it,” he said.

Columbian people who going through a third wave of COVID-19 have certainly found a new fascinating place. People trying to come out of the Covid restrictions have found a certain relief and fun at this place.

Inside the Upside-Down House, Columbia
Inside the Upside-Down House, Columbia

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