“He has a very particular way of working”: Kimi Raikkonen REVEALS what’s it like to work with Sebastian Vettel

Sebastian Vettel (left) with Kimi Raikkonen (right)

Kimi Raikkonen AKA “The Iceman” talks about his partnership with Sebastian Vettel when they were teammates back in 2015-18.

Kimi had a great career with the Scuderia Ferrari where he partnered with 4-time World Champion Sebastian Vettel. Both Kimi and Vettel had an amazing experience working with each other. They often were seen as competitors on track but friends off the track.

Kimi recently spoke about his time at Ferrari on  Beyond the Grid podcast. Kimi revealed that Vettel had a “very particular” way of doing his work.

“Obviously [he’s] a great guy. We had a good relationship always, and [he had] a very particular way of working!”

Kimi Raikkonen

He even claimed that Vettel’s way to approach his work in a very detailed manner didn’t necessarily explain that he was hard working. Kimi even feels that it’s really hard to make out who really was hardworking. He even dove more into what F1 drivers did to show the world that they were hard working.

Kimi Raikkonen (left) with Sebastian Vettel (right)
Kimi Raikkonen (left) with Sebastian Vettel (right)

“What is hard [work], what is not hard [work]?” said Raikkonen.

“But it might take a while [for Vettel]!

“But then everybody has their different way. It doesn’t always… People say, ‘Oh, he must work hard because he leaves the last’. Not him [Vettel], but that’s generally.

“It’s like if you’ve done your work if you’re only going to stay at the paddock, or whatever it is, for an extra three hours to make sure that you’re last [to leave], that you look good…

“People can do what they want. I’ll do my job, and when I’m happy that everything is done as we wish with the engineers, I leave.

“We all have a different way of working, and different things that we want to look [at] and see.”

The End of an Era (Kimi Raikkonen)

Former World champion Kimi retired recently from F1 in Abu Dhabi. The last race with his team Alfa Romeo was not a just way to end the Kimi Era. Kimi retired on his last race due to a technical failure in the car. But Kimi being the person he is known for took it on chin and accepted it as we expected.

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