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“No more ZOOM meetings?”: Chromebook laptops will not support the Zoom app from now on

Zoom app to discontinue services for chromebook

Chromebooks and Zoom saw explosive growth in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. The video-calling app is now deprecating its previous Chromebook app in order to make way for something better.

Zoom, the video conference app, has seen explosive growth since the Covid-19 Pandemic struck and the work-from-home culture took off. However, things have changed since then. Zoom will most likely
discontinue support for Chromebook laptops. But don’t worry, the video-calling app is discontinuing its
Chromebook app in order to bring you something better.

According to reports, the app will be discontinued in August 2022. Users are receiving a notification
prompt that reads, “After August 2022, this app will no longer be officially supported. To join meetings
on ChromeOS, please use the new Zoom for Chrome PWA.
” Here’s everything you need to know about why the Zoom app on Chromebook laptops is closing down.

Why Zoom app is going down?

Zoom app to discontinue services for chromebook

The Zoom app is based on outdated technology that has not been updated. Because the functionalities
are so limited that the developers want it to stop working on Chromebooks.

New Web app launched by Zoom

Notably, instead of shutting down completely, Zoom launched a Progressive Web App for Chromebooks in 2021. It has already received several significant updates in the last year

The app, dubbed Zoom for Chrome PWA, is an improved version of the previous one. It functions more like Zoom on Windows and macOS, with a familiar Ul alongside more advanced features such as
background blur.

Zoom app to discontinue services for chromebook

Some features, such as Gallery view, weren’t supported by the PWA when it first launched for low-end
Chromebooks. Although there were difficulties with corrupt video feeds as well, PWA is now a fantastic experience thanks to the recent upgrades.

So if you’re still using the traditional Zoom app for Chromebooks, we would recommend you switch to Zoom for Chrome PWA

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Written by Shubham Saxena

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